Hotel Oktiabrskaya, St Petersburg: Designing a first impression


In the heart of St. Petersburg lies the four-star Hotel Oktiabrskaya. Set within the grand Vosstania Square, LWA were required to take care of the all-important “first impression” with their design for the hotel’s lobby. We were also asked to design the interior of the hotel café, which needed to offer both charm and timeless appeal.


We opted to design the lobby with a livingroom style; nothing is more welcoming than the opportunity to take a seat on comfortable leather armchairs and sofas! The Livingroom style of lobby also creates a homely ambience within the hotel, offering guests a moment to pause and relax. The lobby’s artwork was chosen to offer some continuity between the inside of the hotel and the grandeur of the city’s Vosstania square which lay outside.

Our interior design for the hotel’s café was both traditional and elegant. The timelessly stylish wood panelling created a sense of history that matched the age of the building. The result was a refined setting for guests to meet.


St Petersburg, Russia

LWA`s contribution