Sheraton Ufa: Heart of Bashkortostan


The Sheraton Ufa is a premier hotel in the capital of the Russian republic of Bashkortostan. As such, the hotel is an important meeting place for businesses in this city of over 1,000,000 residents and a relaxing, luxurious stay for those who visit it. It was important to maintain the Sheraton brand’s high standards of quality and include cultural influences from Ufa. LWA were responsible for the interior design of the entire hotel.


LWA designed all 150 guest rooms and 11 suites to the very highest standards, catering for all types of guests whether they’re staying in Ufa for leisure of doing business in Bashkortostan’s economic hub. Rooms are furnished and decorated to encourage relaxation and contain ergonomically designed desks for those needing to work. Guests who wanted to indulge themselves with added luxury would be delighted by the contemporary and stylish designs of their suite rooms.

We always look to give a nod to local history and culture when we plan our designs. At the Sheraton Ufa, this is achieved with artworks and interior design from the Bashkir minority - the indigenous people of Bashkortostan. We created a truly welcoming, bright space in the hotel’s lobby, tranquillity in the spa area and sophistication in the hotel’s bar and restaurant. The highly-adaptable, large ball room is a superb space for hosting all sorts of events: from business conventions to elaborate celebrations.     


Ufa, Russia

LWA’s contribution

150 guest rooms

11 suites




Meeting rooms

Event room