Meininger Hotel: Designing for one of the oldest districts of St. Petersburg


Each Meininger Hotel is based on a specific theme with the intention of creating a welcoming space that has distinctive character. Our client requested a vibrant, modern atmosphere in which guests would feel comfortable and willing to share their experiences. This affordable, hotel-hostel hybrid needed to represent the ideal accommodation for a variety of stays: city breaks, business trips, group tours and family holidays.

The building itself was previously the Nikolsky market and is situated in one of the oldest districts of St. Petersburg. The site has also been a naval regimental yard and enamel factory. LWA's challenge was to bring this history to life while also showcasing the city greatest features.


LWA designed a welcoming lobby that conveys the hotel's social atmosphere and reflects the building's history within trade and commerce; through the artwork displayed and eyecatching features such as old industrial equipment.

The hotel's bar design is inspired by St. Petersburg's famous canals and the neutral beauty of the Northern Lights. "Baroque" features, reflecting the extravagant styles of the 17th and 18th century, are interwined with raw concrete aesthetics depicting the city's modern architecture. The result is a distinctive and trendy bar which will attract guests from the and beyond to meet and socialize.

The guest rooms and corridors are celebrating city treasures such as the theatres and world-class ballets.




St. Petersburg, Russia

LWA’s contribution

158 guest rooms


Dining areas


Kitchen Area

Entertainment room