Radisson BLU Kuwait: A five-star oasis


We were approached by the client to create a memorable, modern interior design that mirrored Kuwaiti traditions and enhanced the natural environment. The Radisson BLU Kuwait would not only have guests staying in its 190 rooms, the five-star hotel would also host events ranging from business meetings to the grandest of celebrations.    


Each piece of furniture selected by LWA was chosen to convey quality. Using sustainable materials we were able to create spaces that were tranquil, vibrant and elegant. With locally sourced items we created authentic spaces and a comfortable oasis to be enjoyed by all types of hotel guest. 

Nowhere was more comfortable than the hotel’s guest rooms. With calming décor and modern urban styles to match the Kuwait City setting, design themes included: Naturally Cool, NY Mansion House and a host of luxurious suites. And, of course, rooms were sprinkled with touches of Scandinavian style.

Large meeting rooms were all designed for optimum usage, glamour and atmosphere. However, sometimes at LWA, we let the environment do all the talking. Designing the stunning waterside terrace was one of those occasions. Here we tried to match and enhance the natural beauty of the hotel’s ocean view.





Kuwait City, Kuwait

LWA’s contribution

190 Guest rooms




Pool area

Meeting/Event spaces

Business Lounge